PAPO has booked two local lodges for Orienteers willing to self-cater and share accommodation with many other people on the Saturday and Sunday nights.

The price for beds at both are the same: $20 per bed per night (i.e., $40 each for both Saturday and Sunday nights) both lodges. Note, there is no discount for families, the aged, or for children or babies.

Guests need to provide their own sleeping bag, pillowcase and towel.

Cooking facilities are shared, but there is plenty of crockery, pots, and cutlery etc. We need to leave both lodges clean and tidy (including removing our rubbish) when we leave, so all users will be expected to help with clean-up.

We’ll do our best to make sure families are accommodated together, but you could well end up sharing with a snorer!

No dogs, drugs, or outside fires are allowed at either lodge.


Option 1: Snowline Lodge


Snowline Lodge is at the top of the Mt Cheeseman ski road. It is 12 kilometres from State Highway 73 and 1550 metres above sea level with elevated panoramic views of the surrounding mountains of the Torlesse Range.

Given the time of year, and the variability of both weather and road maintenance at the end of the ski season, there is a low risk that the road may be difficult for under-powered 2-wheel drive vehicles near the top, but as we have had a very mild winter so you should be fine provided you are not driving a sewing machine.

Snowline Lodge sleeps up to 68 people in 13 cosy bunkrooms with four to six bunks per room.


Option 2: St Andrews College Lodge Is Now Fully Booked Sorry

4.4.11 013Lodge kitchen

The Alistair Sidey Mountain Lodge (known to the locals as the StAC lodge as it belongs to St Andrews College) is 1.5km up Castle Hill Drive (gravel) from the main part of Castle Hill village on DOC land and sounded by beech forest.

It sleeps up to 42 people in 4 bunkrooms with 10 beds in each, or if you are lucky, you might get the teacher’s rooms with only 2 beds in each.

Camping around the lodge is permitted at $15.00 per person per night.

Book beds at Snowline Lodge here


Other accommodation options in the area:

Castle Hill Village has a number of listings on and  There is also others at the village's promotional website.

Flock Hill Lodge  and are not far away and offer a variety of accommodation options.

Back on the other side of Porters Pass is,  and the Springfield Hotel & Backpackers.

If you really want to live it up for the weekend, there is or